Autentic Brazilian Keratin

Is your hair difficult to manage? If yes, you’ll have probably experimented with a number of different solutions, but have you tried a Brazilian Keratin treatment yet? 

I’m asking you about the AUTHENTIC one.


It's 100% organic and 100% glyoxylic acid-free.


  • Straightens up 90% to 100% of the hair in a uniform and natural manner

  • Does not produce health risks to the client or professional

  • Compatible with all compositions, including blond hair

  • Comfort during application, no burning sensation in the eyes and airways

  • Natural product and dermatologically tested

  • Compatible with all hair types

  • Patented technology without chemical preservatives

Specialty SERVICES

Feather Touch Eyebrows

It is a cosmetic eyebrow tattooing technique. A natural enhancement of your eyebrows that creates the illusion of a fuller and more defined shape from the application of individual hair-like strokes. ... Unlike a normal tattoo, Cosmetic Tattooing uses pigment, not ink.

Body Camouflage

Camouflage for stretch mark and scars is a tattooing method in which we camouflage scars and stretch marks with different color flesh tone pigments, its purpose is to disguise the area that is missing pigment or color.


Although there will be excellent results with the initial treatment, please allow two to three visits to achieve perfectly soft and natural results. The goal of each session is to perfect the design as well as correct asymmetry.

Each session should take anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on how big the area is.

Haguihara – For body

The Haguihara technique involves a new method of instant slimming process and strengthening of muscles. Able to accelerate metabolism, boost circulation and cell regeneration,  the Haguihara method is ideal for clients wh wish to improve the aesthetics of their bodies without going to the gym. A 30-minute session using the Haguihara method is equivalent to an 8-hour GYM workout.

Haguihara – Facial treatment

The Haguihara technique involves a new method of instant rejuvenation, done to stop unwanted wrinkles, and also work as an adjuvant in slimming protocols and strengthening of muscles.

Able to accelerate metabolism, boost circulation and cell regenerate the cells, the facial Haguihara method is ideal for clients wanting a facelift and with great durability.

First time treatment includes: Cleanse, Diamond peeling, 24k Gold Mask, Electrotherapy and Electrostimulation. 

Touch up : Cleanse , 24k Gold Mask,  Electrotherapy and Electrostimulation.


The girls are AMAZING, I have had most of their services: Brazilian keratin, eyebrow microblading, make up, pedicure, manicure.....You can get everything done in one place!!!

100% recommended 

Melissa Henao Andrich

Super happy with my haircut and hair straightening. I have beach curly hair and I only wanted to straighten the front hair. They made it look perfect and totally natural. The annoying little curlers in the front are gone and I still have my beach hair look. Thank you so much girls

I had my eyebrows tattooded here, they are amazing and look so natural which is exactly what I wanted. Felt almost no pain and I am super happy with the service. Will go back definitely!

Bonner Svensson

Eliane Lehner

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