A combination of superpowers, experience & talent is what make our team Unique.

Meet the Superstars



Talent: she is our #GirlBoss who manages Unique. (But let me tell you a secret, she also can Wax).


Dan is graduated in business and has a lot of experience in different countries such: Brazil,  Spain and Canada.

And over 5 years here in Australia, she founded our authentic Brazilian salon in February 2018 and since then she is involved in different projects to help people find her own kind of beauty. Her biggest dream is to inspire women to be successful in business, and not be afraid to do anything they want. Do you think she is empowered? We are 100% sure.

Rander Ferreira


Talent: Barber

My knack for barbering has always been running in my veins - I am a barber’s grandchild and the son of

a hairdresser.

I began working as a barber in Ireland in 2015 and following that experience I had the opportunity to

study and get formally qualified in Brazil.

My passion and specialties are fade haircuts, applying finishing techniques and beard design.

Iza Clarke 


Talent: Hair colour, Hair styling, Hair treatment, Hair straightening (chemical)


Hairdresser and colour specialist with more than 10 years of experience. I am a very enthusiast and easy going person, I love my work and what inspire me more is the certainty of building the self-esteem of people up, it always makes my day.

Liah Azevedo


Talents: Makeup and Photographer


One specific year I had decide be happy again so I transformed my hobby in my job when I did photography course with makeup about two years ago. Since then I did more than a a hundred photoshoot (with makeup) and as a result of my passion for photography add the excellence customer service I can say that I did and I still do a great job where I seek to be even better with each challenge.

Ariadna Agnello (Ari)


Talent: MakeUp Artist


Ariadna is passionate about fashion and everything that surrounds it. She ended up finding herself in the world of makeup because nothing gives her more pleasure in making people feel beautiful and happy with themselves. She is makeup artist freelance since 2014 and she is specialised in weddings and fashion occasions/events. .



Talent: Eyebrow Expert, facial threading and Lashes lift and tint specialist. 

*First Stretch mark and scars camouflage tattoo  specialist  in Perth  

With over 6 years of experience, Suzzy is attentive to detail and loves following the evolution of her clients' eyebrows. Those who have already been treated by Suzzy know that her design is an art that helps the harmony of the face and enhances the beauty of each person. She is fully certificated in Brazil and in Australia and have had travelled the world showing her magic around.



Talent: Nail Polish, Gel polish, Acrylic nails, Nails Extension

I began offering my services as a manicurist 9 years ago while studying at university, so I could earn an

extra income. It wasn’t my main income stream, but rather a hobby and a side job.

Once I arrived in Australia I began paving a new path so I turned my hobby into a profession. I

undertook several courses and became a specialist in acrylic nails.


Cintia Franciscatti

Talent: IPL specialist 

She is a Beauty therapist and Advanced IPL Technician and has

been in the industry for over 4 years. She will be joining Unique Team

providing IPL (Intense Pulse Light) treatments, hair removal, skin rejuvenation,

Acne, Vascular and pigmentation treatments. Cintia is passionate for what she

does, always working close to her clients to achieve the best results.

Karen Martins

Talent: Massage, Facial and Body treatments

Over 9 years’ experience in performing skin care treatments.

Skilled in facial and body treatments, skin analysis and cosmetic products.

A customer service enthusiast, who loves finding the best beauty solutions for every client.

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